Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ram and his mother

This picture was taken the last time Ram saw his mama. Today, Valentines Day, is her birthday. She would have been 82. She would have been very proud that her son has helped make the world a better place. When she was killed, in October of 78, the future Dr. Ransom Myers was still an unmarried grad student. He had given her lots of things to worry about over the years...from climbing on top of the ice box to having a blow torch in his bedroom, from growing a beard and looking like a hippie to working as a physicist in Kuwait, from traveling a year in Africa to sailing across the Atlanta with one other person and a jar of peanut butter. She would have loved being a grandmother to Ram's five children, especially the one that likes makeup and shopping! And she would have loved Ram's wife Rita like her own daughter. But she missed the past 29 years of her life because of a careless and uncaring farmer named Mohead. She was killed, violently and suddenly, one night on Highway 1 by a cotton trailer with no lights.

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